Ohio to Erie Trail


The Ohio to Erie Trail is a dedicated multi-use trail crossing Ohio from southwest to northeast, crossing 326 mi of regional parks, nature preserves, and rural woodland. The trail, named after its endpoints, extends from the Ohio River at Cincinnati to Lake Erie at Cleveland, primarily integrating rail to trails and multi-use trails into a dedicated trail.

Trail Towns along OTET

The Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail runs through the heart of Downtown Loveland with a wide variety of businesses and direct access to Nisbet Park. Nisbet Park includes restrooms and picnic shelters. North of Nisbet Park is a primitive campsite location. 

Milford offers a variety of features including a charming main street, hiker friendly shops and restaurants, attractive architecture, several camping locations for through hikers, an interesting history.

Spring Valley is a village in the state's southwestern portion, in Greene County, in the Caesar Creek section. It was built on a slope rising from the banks of the Little Miami River, benefiting from many natural springs in the area. It was founded in 1844 and was at the crossroads of two early transportation routes, the Cincinnati-Xenia Pike and the Little Miami Railroad, which allowed it to become established as an agricultural marketing and processing center for the area.

Downtown Xenia Historic District was officially listed on the U.S. Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places. With such milestones, Xenia is especially proud to share our new Trail Town status with our many trail-loving friends.